Meals & Deals: Week of 6/7/2015

Meal Plan:
I had more elaborate plans for the week, but have been kicking my own butt in the garden and doing a lot of spring cleaning lately. So much has piled up and there’s so little time some days. I could barely move after all the exertion, so I’ve kept most of the meals simple this week. I’m pretty sure I’ll have some kind of revolt if I serve chicken too many more days in a row! I was so busy I didn’t even get to the store until today, so we winged it a bit.

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Note: If you’re already on Plan to Eat, send a friend request to me at FrugalMoms2. You can add this and any of my meal plans directly to your own calendar, with the recipes! Or click here to sign up, and I’ll be automatically added.

I ate lunch out the other day. BIG mistake. I can’t seem to handle most processed foods any more. Back to packing my lunches! My teen is doing summer classes, so we needed easy grab and go stuff he could take for quick breakfasts and lunches too.

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Recipes: I have a few recipes I’m working on that I’ll post as soon as I have time to photograph and edit them.
Chicken Pot Pie: coming soon
Asparagus Soup: coming soon
Apple Noodle Parfaits
Mom’s Curry Chicken
Mint Cacao Kiss Smoothie
Cucumber Avocado Tuna Hand Rolls with Srichacha
Vegan Brownie Batter Smoothie
Kim’s Easy Homemade Pizza

Shopping: $156.13
This is my first shopping trip of the month. We did pretty well on the last trip, about ten days ago, and still have plenty of things stocked, but are running out of the fresh stuff- milk, yogurt, cheese, produce, etc.

Not sure chicken feed should be in the food budget, but they do give us food, plus manure for the garden, free weeding and bugging services, and endless entertainment. They are basically pets at this point. We enjoy them and find them to be wonderfully helpful in their own awkward, funny ways. They make us breakfast and our fruit trees love them. How many other pets can do that? They definitely have our egg needs covered.


Teenagers and chickens: an unlikely combination that works!

Someday the garden and orchards will have a lot of the produce covered, too. But until then, back to the store we go. I don’t separate out household stuff like diapers, cleaners, and toiletries. I like to keep it simple, so they are all in my food budget.

Here were my trips for this week:

Kroger: $14.53 
6 loaves of bread @ .49 ea
1 pkg hoagie rolls .79
3 cans Hunts Garlic & Herb Pasta Sauce .99 ea
1 lb block of Kroger Pepper Jack 2.99
1 pkg Sara Lee Chicken Breast slices 2.69
1 bunch collard greens .99
1 seedless english cucumber .99

Aldi: $46.83
1 lg container of vanilla yogurt 1.89
12 6oz yogurts for kids @ .39 each
1 lb shredded mozzeralla cheese 2.99
1 pkg American cheese 1.79
1 pkg pepperoni 1.99
1 box stevia 1.99
1 bag tortilla chips 2.39
1 can refried beans .79
1 bag chicken nuggets 3.79
1 bag french fries 1.89
3 lbs bananas 1.27
2 lbs red grapes 2.18
1 box graham crackers 1.39
1 box generic Cheerios 1.69
1 bottle cranberry pomegranate juice 1.89
12 big rolls of toilet paper 4.99
1 lb Honey ham slices for lunches 3.49
1 lg bag Pretzels 1.29
1 gallon whole milk 2.09
1 bag gluten free chocolate dipped pretzels 1.49 (I was starving and they were on clearance)

Walmart: $65.01
1 box 96 size 3 Parent’s Choice diapers $13.97
1 box of 800 Parent’s Choice baby wipes $13.47
1 coffee maker $8.97
3 balls of crochet cotton for washcloths $1.77 eac
4 potted herb plants for the garden $2.94 ea
5 pkgs various winter tights on clearance $1 ea
1 package of socks on clearance $1

Rural King: $3.02
1 lg bag of popcorn $1
1 bottle Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce $1.99

Chicken Feed: $26.74

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