Meals & Deals: Week of 7/5/2015

Frugal Moms2: Meal Plan for Week of July 5, 2015This Week’s Meals:

Um, yeah. Remember how I said I was shooting for $100/wk this month? That’s going to have to be an average, because somehow I opened my big mouth and, “Let’s have a cookout!” popped out. I couldn’t help it. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I wanted to make it special for family and friends. So we did stuffed steaks on the grill (a childhood favorite or mine), plus brats, hot dogs, chips, sweet corn, watermelon and a berry trifle. 

This flag berry trifle was in the Kroger ad and looked good.  I didn't have a recipe, so I winged it.

Kroger’s ad featured a patriotic berry trifle that looked good, but the recipe on YouTube was too involved for me, so I winged it.

This is what I came up with. I probably needed more angelfood cake and less berries, but it was great! I'll post the recipe soon.

This is what I came up with. I probably needed more angelfood cake and less berries, but it was great!

The cookout was delicious but exhausting. So, leftovers it is! I also took a lot of pictures and will try to get more recipes up asap!


I’m only trying two new recipes this week. I will try to go back through the previous weeks and make notes on the ones I’ve tried. Most of them come out good. Occasionally I have a dud. I’ll update this list once I try the broccoli soup and the smoothie. I know it’s summer, but I’m craving broccoli cheese soup and some sourdough bread!

Zucchini Noodle Collard Green Wraps – delicious, I’m addicted to these
Easy Fresh Homemade Salsa-  coming soon
Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli – broccoli is so amazing this way!!!
Brownie Batter Smoothies-coming soon
Cookie Dough Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal– everything I’ve made from Katie’s website is amazing, including this!
Portobello Mushroom Pizzas– I keep forgetting to make this. The recipe is a starting point. Working on developing my own.

Deals: $163.05

The holidays deals were amazing this week and the stores were PACKED. I found some great markdowns and sales, and splurged for our 4th of July cookout. That sent the budget out of whack a bit. Mainly that was steak, chips, angelfood cake, and toilet paper. At Kroger I found pineapples marked down to 2/$1, Breeze apples for .49/lb and bags of tomatoes and eggplant for .99 each. Needless to say, I stocked up!

Pineapple mint smoothies forever!!!

I’ve never seen pineapples this low!

Can you say apple noodles, pineapple mint smoothies and fresh salsa forever? I was pretty stoked.

Blurry pic, but great deal! You can't even pick apples at a U-pick orchard for this price any more!

Blurry pic, but great deal! You can’t even pick apples at a U-pick orchard for this price any more!

Aldi had sweet corn for .10 ea, berries for .99 a carton, and B1G1F porkchops.

Pretty sweet deal on the porkchops!

Pretty sweet deal on the porkchops!

Kroger: 55.76
1 watermelon 2.99
2.5 lbs peaches @ .99/lb
.5 lb jalapenos @ .99/lb
angelfood cake 2.99
2 pkg Johnsonville Brats @ 2.99 ea
2 pkg Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips 1.88 ea
1 Flaming Hot Cheetohs $2
3 steaks $13.56
1 bunch romaine .99
1 bunch cilantro .69
4 bags of reduced produce- tomatoes, eggplant @ .99 ea
8 pineapples @ .50 ea
10 lbs Breeze apples @ .49/lb
2 pkg blueberries .99 ea


Aldi: $81.82
1 bag tortilla chips 2.39
1 box stevia 1.99
1 box graham crackers 1.35
1 box generic Rice Krispies 1.79
2 pkgs strawberries @ 99 ea
1 pkg blackberries 1.69
2 pkgs bananas @ .44/lb
20 ears of sweet corn @ .10 ea
1 bag spinach 1.79
3 avocados @ .79 ea
1 pkg mushrooms 1.29
1 bunch celery 1.19
1 pkg broccoli crowns 1.39
1 pkg carrots 1.39
1 pkg zucchini 1.39
1 container yogurt 1.79
1 container sour cream 1.29
2 pkgs shredded cheese 2.99 ea
1 pkg hot dogs .99
1 2 liter 100% organic apple juice 2.49
1 2 liter cranberry pomegranate juice 1.79
1 pkg tortillas 1.19
1 can refried beans .79
1 pkg pepperoni 1.99
1 pkg hot dog buns .85
1 lb sliced turkey 3.49
1 pkg bologna .95
1 pkg American cheese slices 1.79
1 pkg hard salami 2.99
1 pkg chorizo 1.99
1 bag chicken nuggets 3.79
2 lbs ground turkey 1.89 ea
1 container cool whip .89
1 bag cornbread stuffing 1.99
18 double rolls of toilet papper 6.99
5 lbs sliced center cut pork chops B1G1F @ 5.74


Walmart: $25.47
Yogurt 2.48
Hot dog buns 1.25
provolone cheese slices 3.44
Strawberries 2.48
Bud Light beer 13.97

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