Shoot for the Moon

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars. Norman Vincent Peale

Where are we going with Frugal Moms²? We’ve been back up for three months, and lately I feel like I’m bombarding people with recipes and garden stuff. That’s tons of fun, and I want to continue to have some of that. But it’s really not the primary focus here. Am I shooting for the moon, or for my feet?  Some days it’s hard to tell.

I started Frugal Moms in 1998 to connect with other people who loved to save money and use those savings to build a better lives for themselves and their families. I got so tired of people’s eyes glazing over when I excitedly told them about the great deal I got at Goodwill, a yard sale, the grocery store, or how I was saving up for something important to me. They’d usually dismiss me with “Oh, I could never do that!” And then complain about expensive their life was. Continue reading →

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Bless This Little Mess


My little rainbow!

Please excuse the site while I hammer out a new logo and design. I’m trying out different themes as well. 12 years is a long time to be offline, and as you can see, I have some little distractions. I needed to put up a more interesting picture for the front page than the Straight Talk logo. It was annoying me. Smiley barefoot babies, green meadows and rainbows are always better! (Hmm, probably need to photoshop out that telephone pole though…)

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