Book Review: Positively Perfect by Claudia Svartefoss

Positively Perfect by Claudia Svartefoss is a unique and wonderful book about turning the aspects of perfectionism into the assets they truly are.

Positively Perfect by Claudia Svartefoss is a unique and wonderful book about turning the aspects of perfectionism into the assets they truly are.

Ever beaten yourself up for your high standards and perfectionism? Has anyone else? Then this book is the answer to every person and program you’ve ever heard say you need to just “let go”, “relax”, “chill out” and “stop caring so much”. How does that relate to frugal living? Oh, let me count the ways…We’re always striving to hit the perfect dollar amounts in our budgets, make the best and healthiest low cost meals we can, and live a fabulous life on a dime. Sound familiar?

We’re perfectionists! We DO care about things that others don’t seem to feel are all that important. We want to do and be the best at everything, and usually for less. That’s because we are creating something new, something that requires a high level of attention and detail that others might not view as important. Continue reading →

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5 Frugal Books Worth Reading (And Re-Reading!)

5 great frugal books worth reading and rereading
Whether you’re new to frugality, or an old hand at it, there are certain books that are classics in this niche. They’re worth reading if you haven’t gotten around to it. They’re also worth re-reading, especially if you’re feeling like you’ve lost your frugal “mojo”. Reading just a few pages a day of any of the following books is a great way to refresh your frugal soul, generate new ideas and get excited again about your frugal journey. It can also help you reconnect with why you’re frugal in the first place.

Sometimes we all need that extra boost, especially in a society where we are constantly bombarded by advertisements telling us we need more, and that we’re somehow not enough. So grab a copy from the library, your kindle, your bookshelf or your favorite used bookstore and rekindle your frugal fires!

Update 8/6/2015: I’m excited to announce that we’ll be reading through most of these books in the next 6 months on Frugal Moms²! I’ll have more details soon!

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Gardening Review: Burgess Seed and Plant Company


If you do a search for reviews on Burgess Seed and Plant Company, chances are that most of them you find will be negative. There are some people who have good experiences with them and many who don’t. Personally, I have very mixed feelings about Burgess.

My Order

I took a chance on ordering from this company because their prices were attractive and they were located about an hour south of me in Bloomington, IL. Most people were complaining about the condition the plants arrived in. I figured the problem must be with shipping, but I was close by so it should be ok. And they are affiliated with a very reputable nursery in Bloomington. How bad could it be?

Very bad. Oh, so very very bad…

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Reveling in Ravelry

Attention all craft addicts! If you work with yarn or fiber arts in any way, shape, or form, and haven’t tried out Ravelry, you really need to high tail you caboose over there and check it out! I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 10, and have been online for years, but had never come across anything quite like Ravelry. This amazing, FREE site, is a treasure house of patterns, ideas, and information for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and dyers.

It’s a combination of an online community, a pattern library and a tool box to help you organize your patterns, projects, and ideas. It’s like someone put the best of Facebook, Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and your favorite craft forums into a blender and mixed them all together, then tailored them just for yarn addicts! It’s like heaven…I can get sucked in for hours.

A look at the tools available when you sign up as a user

The Ravelry “notebook” is very user-friendly and makes it easy to organize your projects, supplies, and even handspun and hand dyed items. You can send messages, join local and online groups, and search for just about anything and everything.

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Why Straight Talk Is My Husband’s Best Friend

When I began dating my current husband, the “Great Recession” of 2008 was just beginning. He is a master auto mechanic, and his field was hit extremely hard. The money people normally spent to repair their cars completely dried up as wave after wave of layoffs were announced across the country.

Most mechanics work on “flat rate”, which meant he was only paid for booked work instead of hours worked. No jobs booked = standing around doing nothing, for free. And there was very little work as the economy worsened. On top of all this, he was stuck in a cell phone contract with AT&T that cost him hundreds of dollars a month and even more to break it.  He’s usually a frugal guy, so this surprised me. Why was he paying so much for his cellphone???
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