11 Frugal Strategies to Stretch Your Budget

Here are some of my favorite strategies for saving money. Since everyone’s situation and resources are different, you need to adapt these strategies to your own lifestyle. Remember, frugality is a tool that you can customize to the way your live. Use them as much or as little as you want, according to your need. You can enjoy living frugally!
1. Get it for Less– Find a cheaper source for things you already buy. There is always someone selling it cheaper. The challenge is to find new sources. Start by looking in your yellow pages, you may be surprised at the resources around you. Check online and offline sources: ebay, craigslist, local consignment and thrift shops, yard sales, etc.
2. Make it last longer– Stretch the life span of the items you use. How? First and foremost by taking better care of them, maintaining them (such as tools), and doing it yourself. Learn to do your own home and car maintenance and repairs. Fix only what is broken, not the whole thing! You can make “work” shoes last longer by having them reheeled instead of buying a brand new pair. There are many, many ways to lengthen the lifespan of the things you own. In fact, there are whole books on the subject! Visit your local library for more ideas. Also, ask older relatives (especially those who grew up in the Depression). Often they have some good advice about maintaining and making things last.

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