Kim’s Easy Homemade Pizza


Why order out when you can make chewy, gooey, delicious pizza for pennies at home?

Let’s talk pizza for a moment. Thick, gooey, fluffy dreaminess that you can really sink your teeth into. Not from a store or from a greasy take out place. But from your own kitchen. For pennies. No rising time. No kidding!


I’ve been making this pizza every week for 20 years; as a stay at home mom, as a working mom, rain or shine. I could probably make it in my sleep. It takes 20 minutes to prep, 20 minutes to bake. And it costs just $6 for two huge pizzas! The crust is wonderfully fluffy. The cheese is gooey and the sauce, oh my gosh the sauce is amazing. You can add whatever toppings you like, but everyone here prefers pepperoni, so that’s what I make.

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Cheap Thrills: Grocery Deals This Week

My haul this week!

My haul this week!

I finally got a chance to hit the grocery store today and stock up on a few things. Money has been tight lately as life continues to be crazy. Thank God we’re frugal! Last week we had a whopping $35 for groceries and we ate mostly from the pantry, fridge and freezer. This week we’re playing catch up. I wanted to spend $100, but ended up spending $157 on 69 items and caught some very good deals at Kroger and Aldi. This trip included plenty of meat, dairy, fruits and veggies. I was able to sneak in some on sale potato chips (a luxury here!) and crackers for the little guys. I also got some ramen and sugar free flavored water for the teenager, since he likes to snack on it and it’s summer time, so he’ll be eating anything that’s not nailed down.

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What To Do When Your World Is On Fire

dieting and life are both like hell sometimes

Dieting? How about life???

Ever had one of those days, months or even years where nothing seems to go right? Sure, there are always challenges, and life is rarely quiet on all fronts, but how about those times where every area of your life seems to explode in your face?

We’re having one of those months. I wish I could say, “I’ve been frugal all my adult life and my life is perfect and wonderful, we’re debt free and have no problems at all!” But that’s not reality. I doubt it’s reality for most people.

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Gardening Review: Burgess Seed and Plant Company


If you do a search for reviews on Burgess Seed and Plant Company, chances are that most of them you find will be negative. There are some people who have good experiences with them and many who don’t. Personally, I have very mixed feelings about Burgess.

My Order

I took a chance on ordering from this company because their prices were attractive and they were located about an hour south of me in Bloomington, IL. Most people were complaining about the condition the plants arrived in. I figured the problem must be with shipping, but I was close by so it should be ok. And they are affiliated with a very reputable nursery in Bloomington. How bad could it be?

Very bad. Oh, so very very bad…

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Cheap Thrills: Grocery & Household Deals This Week

Vintage FMs: 11 Frugal Strategies to Stretch Your Budget

Even though groceries seem sky-high these days, there are still many ways to save at the store. And who doesn’t love a good grocery deal?

I work full time and have small children, so my shopping and planning time is severely limited. I have found shopping on my lunch hour to be the best way to get in, grab what I need, and get out before someone little begs for that overpriced item with a Disney or Marvel character slapped on it. (Seriously, I think I saw Frozen characters on everything, including toilet paper this winter!)

I rarely use coupons, but occasionally I’ll get a good checkout coupon or find some good deals with digital coupons. I like to check the grocery stores online before I ever step into them to see what their weekly sales are. I also clip whatever digital coupons look good to my Kroger card just in case I need them. I don’t feel the need to use these, and I try to leave room for unexpected sales and deals, because those are where the true savings are.

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