Why Straight Talk Is My Husband’s Best Friend

When I began dating my current husband, the “Great Recession” of 2008 was just beginning. He is a master auto mechanic, and his field was hit extremely hard. The money people normally spent to repair their cars completely dried up as wave after wave of layoffs were announced across the country.

Most mechanics work on “flat rate”, which meant he was only paid for booked work instead of hours worked. No jobs booked = standing around doing nothing, for free. And there was very little work as the economy worsened. On top of all this, he was stuck in a cell phone contract with AT&T that cost him hundreds of dollars a month and even more to break it.  He’s usually a frugal guy, so this surprised me. Why was he paying so much for his cellphone???
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We Are So Blessed and Don’t Even Know It

Most of the time, we have no idea how blessed we are. We walk around completely oblivious, focusing on our problems and complaining about how our lives aren’t perfect or amazing or whatever. But we have no clue what others are going through, or how much someone else might long to have even one of our “awful” days because it would be such a relief from what they’re dealing with. (They’d probably love to have our bills too.)

Maybe we’re too stressed to feel blessed. But we are.

I was recently reminded of this when a couple of different, very dear friends got hit with really challenging times. The kind that knock you down, beat you up, and leave your breathless. The ones that lurk in the back of a mother’s mind and fill her with dread.

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Back, After a Long Hiatus

I’m getting back to blogging, finally. I must be crazy to try to fit more things into my life, but just can’t help myself! I love to do things and write and share. Just built this way I guess.

A lot has happened in the past 3 1/2 years since I last posted. I moved 40 miles away to a hundred year old farmhouse, then found out I was having another baby. At the age of 43! I commuted 125 miles a day (round trip) for work while pregnant, had my fifth beautiful boy, spent three months on unpaid maternity leave, then commuted again for another 3 months until I was able to change jobs to a closer location. The stress of all of this aged me immensely. I look back and I am not sure how I did it. I was even breastfeeding at the time. Just crazy. I’ve been blessed with a very full life!

During this wild time of my life, a tornado destroyed the town of Washington, IL, and blew out all the windows at my kids’ daycare. Thank GOD it was on a Sunday. Everything was embedded with glass, particularly the infant room! It also completely destroyed the apartment complex I lived in after my divorce back in 2007. My older kids used to ask me what we’d do if a tornado hit, since we were on the third floor. I’m glad we didn’t have to find out, and also glad no one in that complex lost their lives when the tornado literally took the top two floors off. It also went between two churches full of people worshipping. What a day. Sadly, one person died, half the town was leveled, but the community was amazing and rebuilt.

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